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High-Speed Cut-To-Length Line

The thin sheet cut to length line is a kind of thin coil cut to length system, used to cut cold-rolled steel, coil plates, stainless steels, galvanized steel plate color, etc into length-gauged plates. Moreover, any specification can be cut via uncoil level and cut to length.
This thin coil cut to length comprised of hydraulic coil-loading car, hydraulic single-spindle uncoiler, hydraulic coil-head-feeding and coil-press device, coil-end straightener, double-roller pinch feeder, central aligner, main leveler, encoding table, shearing machine, roll table conveyor, piling-up racket, lifting table and collecting table, hole accumulator, tensioner, recoiler, coil-discharging car, hydraulic system, electric control system.
This metal coil decoiling, leveling and cut-to-length line is divided in to three kinds because of different strip thickness and strip width, including thin sheet cut to length line, middle thick coil cut to length and thick sheet cut to length line. Among them, the thin sheet cut to length line: strip thickness: 0.3~3mm or (0.5~3) mm; strip width: 300~1600mm or 300~1800mm.

Thin Sheet Cut to Length Line (Thin Coil Cut to Length Machine)

The thin sheet cut to length line apply to process cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, color steel plates and the various metal materials.

The thin sheet cut to length line is also divided into two kinds, due to different material of coils strip thickness, strip width, cutting speed and material of disc cutter.


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