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Flat steel is a kind of section steel. Its section is rectangular shape with sizes range from 12-300mm in width and 4-60mm in thickness.

We can supply flat steel slitting lines with capacity ranging from 1-16mm thickness.

We have supplied such production lines to domestic and foreign customers, and our flat steel lines are popular in customers.

The flat steel slitting line is composed of coil-loading car, uncoiler, double-roller pinch feeder, side guide, disc slitter, edge scrap winder, transmit table, leveler, shear, packing table.

The flat steel lines we have made as follow: 5×600, 6×600, 8×800, 12×1250, etc.

Flat Steel Combined Line

Flat Steel Combined Line

Advantages and Characteristics:
1. The layout of the flat steel slitting line is compact and efficient. According to customer requirements, we design structure of each part and integration of several sequent parts.
2. Certain length and width of flat steel at certain thickness is usual situation.
3. 2-hi leveler is able to flatten slit strips in high precision.
4. By encoder to measure length.
5. Hydraulic shear at certain length after being flattened.
6. We have obvious advantages in flat steel production lines because of our rich experiences.

Detail Specification of the Flat Steel Slitting Line:

Model Thickness Width Length Leveling speed
JY-4 × 500 1-4mm 100-500mm adjustable Max 40m/min
JY-6 × 600 2-6mm 200-600mm adjustable Max 30m/min
JY-8 × 800 3-8mm 300-800mm adjustable Max 30m/min
JY-12 × 1250 3-12mm 500-1250mm adjustable Max 30m/min
Note: The data in the form just as reference according to general ranges, we always design and make each line according to each customer's specific requirements, so each customer can buy his own well-content line from us.
Flat Steel Combined Line Layout Drawing:
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