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When you want to (Decoil-Slit-Recoil) and (Decoil-Level-CTL) in one production line, we can design and produce combined slitting and cut-to-length line for you. We have succeeded in making such combined production line for domestic and foreign customers.
The composition of combined slitting and CTL line is in accordance with customers' specific requirements and actual conditions.

Combined Slitting and CTL Line

Combined Slitting and CTL Line

Combined Slitting Cut-to-length Line Layout:
Usually, two kinds of layout flow can be as reference:
1. First, slitting line; then cut-to-length line:
Coil loading car, decoiler, coil-head guide, press and shovel equipment, pinch feeder and leveler, coil-head shear, hole accumulator(transmit table), side guide, slitter, scrap winder, hole accumulator, pre-separator and tensioner, separator & recoiler, transmit table, side guide, leveler, encoder(final-plate pinch feeder), shearing machine, delivery table, stacker.
2. Harmonize slitting and cut-to-length line into one production line

Its layout can be as follows: 
Coil-loading car, uncoiler, Coil-end-guide and shoveling equipment, Double-roller pinch feeder & five-roller leveler, End-cutting, hole accumulator(transmit table), Central-aligner and Horizontal presser, Slitter, Scrap winder, Central aligner, Leveler, Hole accumulator, Tensioner, Pre-separator, Separator, Recoiler, coils discharging car, length-fixer, Shearing machine, Delivery table, stacker.

Advantages and Characteristics of Combined Slitting Cut-to-length Line:
1. When you need to make slit strips and flat sheets at the same time and neither quantity of slit strips or quantity of flat sheets is a lot, combined slitting and cut-to-length line is a good choice.
2. How to combine slitting part and cut-to-length part in harmony is very important.
3. Honestly speaking, machine's functions can not be fully played because when slitting part is working, cut-to-length part has to stop.
4. We had experiences in designing and making slitting and cut-to-length lines.
5. We will design and make the line according to customer's specific requirements.
Slitting and CTL Line Layout Drawing
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