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Floor Deck Forming Machine

Floor deck forming machine consists of uncoiler and its base, coil sheet guiding equipment, film covered device, roll forming system, pressing equipment, post-cutting equipment, hydraulic station, controlling system, supporter table. The raw material can be in different color, elegant and noble looking. It is widely used in factory, hotel, exhibition, villa, civil construction etc.
High-solid forming stand of the machine guarantees the good and uniform quality of final products. The operation automatically minimizes the tolerance of cutting length. The forming machine has a stylish and attractive design. Thanks to the lateral run-off channel on each sheet for several models, this kind of machine can resist to frost and heat.
Working Flow:
Decoiling the Sheet—→Sheet Guiding—→Film Covering—→Roll Forming—→Measure Lengh—→ Cutting the Panel—→Panels to the Supporter.
Technical Parameters:

Material Spec
Colored and galvanized steel sheet at yield stress 33KSI
Thickness of Coil Sheet
0.5 --0.6 mm
Working Speed
2.0 ~ 3.0 m/min. (step distance at 380mm,)
Power Requirement
Main motor power: 7.5kw
Hydraulic Station Power
Passive Uncoiler
Max. Capacity: 5000kgs
Quantity of Stands:
About 15groups
Controlling System
Type of Cutting
Roll-formed and length-set cutting
Machine Dimension
About 18500×1500×1400mm
Total Weight
About 9500kg
380V 3 phase 60Hz or to the buyer's requirement

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Floor Deck Forming Machine

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