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C or Z Shape Purline Forming Machine

The C or Z shape purline forming machine can be applied to door frame, rail, pallet rack, pack post, swage beam panel, glass wool panel, hoist rail, hand rail, car molding, c-channel, fire shatter, m-bar, u-channel. They also are widely used as the supporter of roof and wall in large-scale and mid-scale construction, such as factory, warehouse, garage, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, garden and so on. The machine mainly consists of uncoiler and its base, coil sheet flattening equipment, C & Z shape forming system, punching equipment, post-cutting equipment, hydraulic station, and controlling system. It is suitable for forming hot roll steel strip or hot dip galvanized steel strip at thickness 1.5~3.2mm. The products of C or Z shape purline forming machine have excellent anti-bending property. They are easy to install.
Working Flow:
Decoiling the Sheet—→Sheet Guiding —→Coil Strip Leveling—→Roll Forming—→Punching for horizontal hole—→Punching for vertical hole —→Measure Length —→ Cutting the Panel—→Panels to the Supporter.

Fixing Dimension
Total weight
Controlling system
Main motor power
Quantity of Stands
Working speed
Hydraulic pressure
Material of roller die
Material of Cutting die
Product range
: 23000mm × 2400mm × 1400mm
: about 13,000kg
: 15kw; Hydraulic station power: 15kw
: About 15 groups
: 8000~10000mm/min
: 18~20Mpa
: GCr15 bearing steel with quenched treatment.
: Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment.
: all the types from 100 to 250

C or Z Shape Purline Forming Machine

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